Joed Polly design specializes in a variety of video production and graphic design products.

For video I can write, produce, film, and edit both standard definition (DV is the primary format) and high definition (Apple ProRes 1080p). I can build a movie from scratch using photos and audio, create new graphics, visual effects, and add subtitles. I can work in many other common formats and I can also convert a wide variety of movies from one format to another.

For graphic design I can create just about anything, including logos, web graphics, print ads, web ads, fliers, and brochures. I have experience doing the design and layout for books as well. One of my specialties is image restoration, where I replace a low resolution (or damaged) graphic with a high resolution bitmap or vector graphic. I can also restore photos and make them look new again.

I work at a very competitive hourly rate. Please contact me for more details.

About myself:
About Joed Polly design:

As you probably guessed, my name is Joed Polly. I have an odd first name. It is a combination of my real first name, Joshua, and my middle name, Edward. There were too many Joshes in my kindergarten class and something had to be done. It is pronounced "Joe-Ed", but I do not spell it that way.

I grew up around Fairbanks, Alaska, but I now live in Somerville, Massachusetts, after graduating from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2005 with a degree in Art. I've been making movies since I was ten, using Photoshop since the mid-90s, and editing on Final Cut Pro since 1999. From 1999 to 2004 I did video production and graphic design for Doney Advertising in Fairbanks. In 2005 I started Joed Polly design.

Joed Polly design is actually my second job. My main job is with ARCUS, the Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S., based in Fairbanks. I do video production and maintain the Internet Media Archive. I have worked for ARCUS since 2001.

In my free time I make my own movies, take photos, build sculptures, play with computers/technology, help plan interesting parties/events, play with dogs, go camping, travel when I can, and take hikes.

Photo: Zeb Polly (2013)