Video Production

Joed Polly design specializes in a variety of video production products, including:

• Filming and editing in the Apple ProRes 1080p high definition format (which can be converted to other HD formats).

• Filming and editing in the standard definition DV format.

• Graphics and visual effects in both HD and SD formats.

• Creating videos from scratch, using any combination of photos, graphics, animations, audio clips, video clips, and music.

• Turning an audio recording (or webcast) along with Powerpoint presentation slides into a movie file.

• Adding subtitles to movies, including many foreign languages (a script with time code must be provided).

• Writing and editing scripts.

• Converting most common video formats into other video formats.

This is a high definition movie that I filmed and edited for Biagio Ristorante & Bar in Waltham, MA. This movie was made to play on an HDTV at the host's station, for customers entering the restaurant to watch. The restaurant has its own background music and ambience, so this movie has no competing audio track. When I installed this movie on the media player at the restaurant, several customers came in and became entranced watching the TV, and then began asking about some of the dishes that were shown. So the movie was effective. In a related note, I got very hungry while editing the footage...
Date: February 2011
Length: 5:24
File: 55.6 MB Quicktime H.264 854X480 30fps, AAC 128kbps

Here is the high definition outreach video that I made for ARCUS for the State of the Arctic conference that was held in Miami, Florida in March of 2010. There was a lot of positive feedback for this video from the participants. This video also helped promote the conference, not only for those that attended, but also for those that tuned in to our live video stream (they made up 20 to 30% of the total number of participants).
Date: January 2010
Length: 6:10
File: 61.7 MB Quicktime H.264 854X480 30fps, AAC 128kbps
State of the Arctic

This is the outreach video that I made for ARCUS for the 2007 Arctic Forum conference held in Washington, DC. I made five of these over the years, and they all follow a similar style, created from scratch by using relevant photos, audio clips, and video clips. The intended audience were the attendees of the conference and also the people that could not travel to Washington DC for the conference. We set up a live video stream for those that could not attend, so that they could watch and participate from their home or office. The video was intended to build excitement and interest for the upcoming meeting, and it did just that.

Date: April 2007
Length: 2:58
File: 19.8 MB Quicktime H.264 640X480 30fps, AAC 128kbps
Arctic Forum 2007